The Brazilian Coalition is assembled in four Dialogue Forums, responsible for discussing several topics of the climate, forests, and agriculture agenda with extensive engagement of the movement’s members.

The Forums aim to ensure a space for continuous dialogue and monitoring of important topics regarding the stakeholders’ performance on this agenda.

Agriculture and Silviculture
Native Forest
Public Policies and Economic Instruments
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Agriculture and Silviculture
Goal: Produce more and better, by means of agriculture and silviculture.

The food and raw material production from agriculture and forestry must be through practices and standards that ensure low carbon emissions, human well-being, protection of ecosystem services and sustainable territorial development. That is the mission of the Agriculture and Silviculture Dialogue Forum.

Forum Leaders
Eduardo Bastos
CEO - MyCarbon
Leda Tavares
Conservation Specialist - WWF
Liège Vergili Correia
Sustainability Director - JBS/Friboi
Maurem Alves
Sustainability Consultant - Klabin
Foto: Anto^nio Jose´ Maria Guimara~es_Wikimedia Commons
Native Forest
Goal: Generate value and benefits from native forests

Natural assets must be valued and recognized as being essential for the country's development, both for their products and the ecosystem services they provide. This is the mission of the Native Forest Dialogue Forum.

Forum Leaders
Ana Leite Bastos
CEO - Urbem
Eduardo Roxo
Co-Founder - Atina
Leonardo Sobral
Forest Certification Manager - Imaflora
Miguel Calmon
Senior Consultant - WRI
Foto: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil
Public Policies and Economic Instruments
Goal: Make State public policies viable and build aligned and integrated economic instruments

The set of laws and public policies must be reinforced and fully complied with, ensuring legal security for all, transparency, and inclusive and participatory territorial governance. Credit and economic instruments will be integrated and aligned with public policies. This is the mission of the Public Policies and Economic Instruments Dialogue Forum.

Forum Leaders
Andreia Bonzo Azevedo
Associate Director, Climate & Safety Program - Instituto Igarapé
Diogo Bardal
Associate Director of Operations - IFC
Kalil Cury
Founding Partner - Partner Desenvolvimento
Rodrigo Lima
General Director - Agroicone
Foto: Sandro Kakabadze
Goal: Put an end to deforestation.

Deforestation must be eliminated from the production chains and will only be part of the country's past. This is the mission of the Deforestation Dialogue Forum.

Forum Leaders
Alessandra Fajardo
Leader of Engagement Strategy on Environment and Agriculture in Latin America - Bayer
Fabiana Reguero
Socioenvironmental Manager - Ammagi
Paulo Moutinho
Senior Researcher - Ipam
Túlio Dias Brito
Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Manager - Agropalma
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