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Check out the highlights of 2018 and our focus of action for 2019

Check out in our 2018 Activity Report a summary of the main results of the Brazilian Coalition‘s work last year, with information such as:

• 2018 highlights, main articulations with the government and other actors

• Communication products

• Main national and international events

• Changes in governance

• Dialogue Forums’ activities

• Accountability

• Learning and perspectives for 2019

In 2019, our work’s priority will be to take the set of proposals developed by the Brazilian Coalition in 2018 (28 proposals for election candidates and 2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil) to the new Government. In order to do this, we will need to develop three plans:

– Action Plan: Based on the proposals developed, the Brazilian Coalition, under the leadership of the Dialogue Forums, will structure a plan of action to make them a reality.

– Advocacy Plan: The Brazilian Coalition must also establish new channels of dialogue with the elected representatives and those indicated to positions in the Executive and Legislative branches. To achieve this, two consultancies were hired for mapping, diagnosis and engagement with the new Government.

– Communication Plan: The proposals developed by the Brazilian Coalition in 2018 had repercussions in the media and social networks. This year, we must continue with the press work and other communication actions that can strengthen the main messages of the movement towards opinion leaders and strategic actors. The communication plan must also increase the interest of the Brazilian society in general in what regards the climate, forests and agriculture agenda. The Executive Coordination is in the fundraising stage for the development of this plan.

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