Deforestation-free economic development, job and income generation, food production and fighting hunger. The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture advocates for these three pillars in the 2022 elections. In June, a document with a summary of the proposals was handed out to presidential pre-candidates, governmental bodies, parliamentarians, and embassies. In November, the movement released another document, ” The Brazil of Tomorrow: proposals for the country’s agro-environmental agenda from now on”, addressed to those elected to positions in the Executive and Legislative Branches.

In January, the Coalition established its Elections Committee, made up of members of the Strategic Group and the Executive Group who worked on building the movement’s key messages. This content was validated in the following months by the entire Coalition network and later gave rise to the compilation of proposals submitted to the candidates in June.

Since then, the Coalition’s forum and task force leaders proceeded to detail the proposals. In addition, they proposed a deadline for implementing each one of them – either the first day in office, the first 100 days, or the entire term of office. And, finally, they indicated which public authority representatives had to be engaged in each measure.

This originated the publication ” The Brazil of Tomorrow”, which was also receptive to contributions from all members of the Coalition. The document was released in November, during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), in Egypt, before an audience consisting of members of civil society organizations, the private sector, and members of the transition cabinet of the elected federal government.

Internal work was followed by a comprehensive dissemination of the Coalition’s principles on social media, where the movement launched a special campaign. Between June and December, 340 posts were made on five platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube), addressing, didactically, the most important themes of the agro-environmental agenda. The publications had more than 9 million views.

Brazilian Coalition’s proposals for candidates in 2022 elections
The Brazil of Tomorrow: Proposals for the country’s agro-environmental agenda from now on
The Brazil of Tomorrow: Proposals for the country’s agro-environmental agenda from now on – executive summary
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