Check the status of the main tasks conducted by the Coalition Task Forces. In addition to the activities listed below, all groups are also dedicated to monitoring the implementation of proposals suggested by the movement to new governments, as described in the document “The Brazil of Tomorrow“.

The list of completed tasks refers to the main deliveries made by the Task Forces since 2020.

This Control Panel is updated at the end of each quarter.

In progress
  • Contribution to the public consultation for updating the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (Epanb);
  • Analysis of Bill 150/2022, which establishes the National Bioeconomy Policy;
  • Conducting technical discussions on existing public policies for the bioeconomy;
  • Enhancement and expansion of the Forest Panel interface platform, which compiles data on bioeconomy products in Brazil, in partnership with the Uma Concertação pela Amazônia initiative;
  • Organization of workshops involving the consideration of territorial development models in the Amazon;
  • Development of a territory management method to be applied in a socio-bioeconomic hub in the Amazon.
  • Contribution to the bioeconomy axis to the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (PPCDAm);
  • Support for organizing a public hearing on bioeconomy with the Senate Committee on Environment during the Sustainable Parliamentary Shift;
  • Publication of a position paper on the strategic agenda of the bioeconomy in the Coalition;
  • Strategic alignment with the initiative “Uma Concertação pela Amazônia” and identification of synergies in 3 lines of work: Public Policies, Database, and Regional Hubs;
  • Submission of contributions to the public consultation on the Bioeconomy and Sustainable Regional Development Program (BioRegio).
Carbon Markets
In progress
  • Analysis and monitoring of the progress of legislative projects related to the regulation of the carbon market, such as Bill 412/2022.
  • Submission of contributions to the Council of Sustainable Economic and Social Development related to the establishment of a carbon emissions trading system in Brazil;
  • Publication of an analysis on the potential of carbon credit transactions in Brazil.
Fighting Deforestation
In progress
  • No actions in progress.
Food Security
In progress
  • Mapping of potential stakeholders with direct involvement in family farming and food security;
  • Organization of thematic discussion rounds.
  • Expansion of the scope of the ATER Task Force, resulting in the creation of the Food Security Task Force.
Forest Code
In progress
  • Coordination with the Brazilian Forest Service for the environmental regularization agenda;
  • Systematic monitoring of the implementation of the Forest Code;
  • Support for a series of webinars organized by Diálogo Florestal, in partnership with the Observatório do Código Florestal, on the implementation of the Environmental Regulation Program (PRAs) and the Project for the Restoration of Degraded or Altered Areas (PRADA) by state governments;
  • Discussion about the convergences between the Planaflor project and the proposals of the Coalition;
  • Creation of the Forest Code Task Force;
  • Webinar with civil society organizations involved in the implementation of the Forest Code;
  • Publication of a position paper on MP 1.150/2022, which amends the Forest Code and threatens the protection of the Atlantic Forest.
Forest Concessions
In progress
  • Coordination for the regulation of Law 14.590/2023, which enhances the economic attractiveness of forest concessions.
  • Monitoring the progress of the Bill 5.518/2020 and the Provisional Measure 1.151/2022 in Congress, which deal with the management of public forests;
  • Publication of a position paper in support of Bill 5.518/2020 as the best instrument for scaling up forest concessions;
  • Publication of a position paper in support of the presidential sanction of a Bill that enhances the economic attractiveness of forest concessions.
Green Finance
In progress
  • No actions in progress.
  • Submission of contributions to the 2023/2024 Safra Plan (Agricultural Plan);
  • Webinar on the role of agricultural insurance in agribusiness risk management;
  • Submission of contributions to public consultations 82, 85, and 86/2021 of the Central Bank;
  • Submission of contributions to the public consultation on the ABC+ Plan 2020-2030 (Low Carbon Agriculture Plan).
In progress
  • Discussion on the integration of land information.
  • Publication of a position paper on Bill 510/2021 and contributions to the substitute text in the Federal Senate;
  • Creation of the Land Task Force, combining the work previously conducted by the Land Regularization and Land Monitoring and Territorial Planning Task Forces.
Payment for Environmental Services (PES)
In progress
  • Engagement with public authorities for the regulation of the Payments for Ecosystem Services (PSA) Law;
  • Monitoring of legislative agenda related to the issue.
  • Publication of a technical note with proposals for the regulation of Law 14.119/2021, which established the National Policy on Payments for Environmental Services (PSA);
  • Publication of a draft decree for the PSA Law.
In progress
  • Progress in the work fronts of the Restoration and Reforestation Observatory: interface update, data refinement, and coordination with biomatic collectives;
  • Organization of events regarding the benefits of restoration, in line with the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration;
  • Support for the promotion of training programs organized by the Brazilian Society of Ecological Restoration (Sobre);
  • Coordination with focal points of the restoration agenda within the Ministries of Agriculture (Mapa) and Environment (MMA).
  • Development of work plans for the 3 subgroups: Restoration and Reforestation Observatory, Training, and Multiple Benefits;
  • Publication of the white paper “State of the Art of Criteria for Reporting Areas under Restoration”;
  • Release of the technical note “Advancing the challenge of integrating, qualifying, and reporting restoration numbers in Brazil”.
Silviculture of Native Species
In progress
  • Coordination with Ibama for adjustments to Sinaflor aimed at promoting silviculture of native species;
  • Implementation of the resource acquisition strategy for the Research & Development Program in Silviculture of Native Species.
  • Amendment of the technical cooperation agreement with the government of Espírito Santo, with a three-year extension, for the operation of the task force focused on establishing a silviculture hub in the state (Native Species Task Force – GT Nativas);
  • Regulatory framework changes resulting from the task force in Espírito Santo: issuance of a normative instruction that removed the requirement for a technical report for the planting of native trees; and amendment of a law allowing for the exemption from forest fees for the exploitation of native trees;
  • Publication of a case study on the economic feasibility of reforestation with native species.
Traceability and Transparency
In progress
  • Coordination with focal points of the traceability agenda in the Ministries of Agriculture (Mapa), Development, Industry and Commerce (MDIC), and Environment (MMA);
  • Planning workshops to contribute to a national policy on traceability of agricultural products.
  • Conduction of the panel “Traceability in the beef supply chain: technological solutions, integration with public policies, and achieved outcomes in Brazil” at the Amazon Summit;
  • Publication of the study “Beef Chain Traceability in Brazil: challenges and opportunities
  • Change in the task force’s scope and name, from Traceability of Beef Task Force to Traceability and Transparency Task Force;
  • Submission of proposals to the public consultation on traceability in the cattle and buffalo chain;
  • Co-organization of the Workshop “Potential of Sustainable Development and Agriculture: Pathways to Transparency and Traceability in Brazil across All Sectors,” in partnership with Amsterdam Partnership Declaration (ADP), Proforest, and CIT-UFMG.
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