Created in 2019, the Task Force followed the discussions and sanctioning of Law 14.119/2021, which instituted the National Policy of Payment for Environmental Services (PES). The text, which has been in Congress for 13 years, established key economic incentives to boost agricultural production in balance with the conservation and recovery of natural resources.

By means of TF’s guidelines, the Coalition has influenced the discussion on law regulation, ensuring that the matter would define the guidelines and provide the legal security necessary for PES initiatives. Working alongside with a legal consultant, the task force drafted a document with contributions to a national policy. 

The group advocates for the establishment of a national registry for PES initiatives and strategies to enable their access to populations that are more vulnerable to climate and socioeconomic risks. These principles, among others, were described in a technical note and are guiding the task force’s work.

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Érika Pinto
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