Our movement is composed of more than 390 representatives from the private sector, financial sector, academia, and civil society. We join these different voices in favor of Brazil’s leadership in a new low-carbon economy, with competitiveness, responsibility, and inclusion. With this in mind, we work to promote synergy between agendas for protection, conservation, sustainable use of natural and planted forests, agriculture, and climate change adaptation.

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The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture took its first steps in December 2014 and its official founding took place on June 24, 2015, with the launching of the movement’s core document, on the eve of COP 21, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, when the Paris Agreement was signed.

Since then, the movement has been positioning itself as an important player in the creation of proposals and solutions that help Brazil to implement the commitments undertaken in this global climate agreement. We strive for contributions in national debates for the development of key public policies, economic instruments, and experiences in sectors related to the country’s land use. We also take our proposals to COPs and other forums to be presented to international audiences.

active Task Forces
Position Papers(until Feb/2024)

In our core document there are 17 solid proposals for Brazil’s climate change agenda, involving the end of deforestation and illegal logging, the encouragement of low-carbon agriculture, the restoration of degraded areas, land-use planning and community social protection, as well as fostering competitive and sustainable production of food, forest products, and bioenergy.

Drawing from this document, the Brazilian Coalition produced many other proposals that were delivered to key decision makers in the country. There were more than 100 position papers and 50 studies or reports, with particular emphasis on the “2030-2050 Vision: The Future of Forests and Agriculture in Brazil”, a publication that outlines the main long-term goals that the members dream and work to see achieved in the near future.


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How we work

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture aims to articulate and facilitate actions to promote harmonious, inclusive and sustainable land use in the country, based on scientific expertise and the ability to listen and articulate to establish alliances, whether national or international, to enable the transition to the new economy. We do this by means of:

Promoting dialogue among different sectors that are part of the movement

Development of proposals that represent a common agenda

Articulation and advocacy for the delivery and implementation of proposals

Communicating this work, with transparency, to society.

The dialogue among the members of the Brazilian Coalition takes place through the movement’s 12 Task Forces, in annual plenary sessions, and in meetings of other governance bodies, such as the Task Forces and the Strategic and Executive Groups, Facilitators, and Executive Coordination.

Proposals developed by the movement and presented to the government and decision-makers in general are built by the network based on the consensus of the different sectors. To reach consensus or, in some cases, consent – when not everyone fully agrees with the proposal but allows the movement to manifest itself towards a common goal – the Brazilian Coalition continuously engages dialogue among its members. The next step after developing proposals is to present this common agenda to the public authorities.

Brazilian Coalition’s work outcomes are disclosed in its newsletters, social media, annual activity reports, and in the press.

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Meet the members of the Coalition

Our movement brings together different voices that believe in Brazil's potential to lead a green and inclusive economy.

Our Members
Strategic Group
Executive Group
Facilitators and Executive Coordination

The Strategic Group (GE) is the body responsible for the main Coalition decisions and for approving all the movement's proposals.

André Guimarães

Executive Director of the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)

Beto Mesquita

Director of Forests and Public Policies of BVRio and Founder of Diálogo Florestal

Fernando Sampaio

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and Sustainability Director of Abiec

Joana Chiavari

Associate Director at Climate Policy Initiative (CPI PUC-Rio)

José Carlos da Fonseca

Executive Director of the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá)

Luciana Nicola

Institutional Relations and Sustainability Director of Itaú Unibanco

Malu Pinto e Paiva

Executive Vice-President of Vale

Marcelo Furtado

Director of Nature Finance

Marina Grossi

President of the Brazilian World Business Council for Sustainable Development (Cebds)

Maurício Voivodic

Executive Director of WWF Brazil

Rachel Biderman

Senior Vice President for the Americas of Conservation International (CI)

Renata Piazzon

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and General Director of Arapyaú Institute

Ricardo Young

President of the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS)

Roberto Waack

Board Member of Marfrig and Arapyaú Institute and Visiting Fellow Hoffman Center - Chatham House

Rodrigo Castro

Country Director of Solidaridad Brasil Foundation

Sylvia Coutinho

President of the UBS Group in Brazil

Tasso Azevedo


The Executive Group (GX) is responsible for the follow-up of the Coalition's actions.

Carlos Roxo

Partner of Maker Sustainability

Eduardo Bastos

Fernando Sampaio

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and Sustainability Director of Abiec

João Adrien

Head of ESG Agro of Itaú BBA

Juliana de Lavor Lopes

ESG, Communications and Compliance Director

Karen Oliveira

Director of Public Policy and Government Relations of The Nature Conservancy Brazil (TNC)

Ligia Dutra

Government Affairs Director of Cargill

Marina Piatto

Diretora-executiva do Imaflora

Maurem Alves

Sustainability Consultant of Klabin

Paulo Massi Dalari

Government Affairs Director of Natura&Co

Renata Piazzon

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and General Director of Arapyaú Institute

Rodrigo Castro

Country Director of Solidaridad Brasil Foundation

To support the Forums, GE and GX, the Brazilian Coalition has an Executive Coordination, which is responsible for forwarding the orientations of other bodies of the movement. Along with a dedicated team, the coordination also relies upon two facilitators, who are primarily responsible for representing the movement at events and meetings, and for carrying out the dialogue between members in general. The facilitators hold a two-year term of office.


Fernando Sampaio

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and Sustainability Director of Abiec

Renata Piazzon

Coalition’s Co-Facilitator and General Director of Arapyaú Institute

Executive Coordination

Carolle Alarcon

Executive Manager

Iuri Cardoso

Advocacy Coordinator

Joice Oliveira

Operations and Information Management Senior Analyst

Lucia Benedetti

Operations Coordinator

Maiara Beckrich

Institutional Relations Coordinator

Renato Grandelle

Communications Coordinator

Tainah Godoy

Institutional Relations Senior Analyst

Tatiely Vanziler

Operations Analyst

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