Green Finance Task Force work on identifying opportunities to fund sustainable practices in the rural areas, such as investments in low carbon agriculture (ABC) and in spreading technologies making the productive sector more resilient.

Ever since its creation, in 2020, the group submits yearly contributions to Plano Safra, Brazil’s main agricultural policy instrument, managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock. Among the proposals emphasized by the task force are the suspension of financing for rural properties with socio-environmental irregularities and a review of the ABC Program. The task force also participated in the Brazilian Central Bank’s public consultations and in the ABC+ Operational Plan.

The group also advocates the use of rural credit as an incentive for greater productivity in the agricultural sector, in such a way that the most efficient producers are given priority in access to financing. Strengthening rural insurance is also on the task force’s agenda, a mechanism that will consolidate climate dimension’s impact on financial institutions’ risk analyses.

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