Forest concessions are considered an important instrument to generate solid opportunities to reconcile business and economic return while preserving, protecting, and maintaining the standing forest, especially in the Amazon. Created in the Public Forest Management Law of 2006, the concessions have not yet been consolidated as sustainable business models, due to issues related to legal security and economic viability. 

Between 2020 and 2023, the Forest Concessions TF monitored and contributed to bills that were processed in Congress aimed at increasing the economic attractiveness of concessions in forest management units and diversifying activities based on environmental products. This movement culminated in 2023 with the presidential sanction of Conversion Bill (PLV) Nº 7/2023, whose original wording underwent significant improvements with active participation from the Coalition.

The task force has also held discussions with partners about bottlenecks to establishing concession contracts, such as high cost and vagueness about the governance structure.

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