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The Brazilian Coalition advocates for presidential sanction of the Bill that increases economic attractiveness of forest concessions

The Federal Senate approved the Provisional Measure 1,151/2022 as the Conversion Bill 7/2023, which, among other issues, promotes changes in Public Forest Management Law (LGFP, in Portuguese acronym), aiming to increase concession attractiveness in forest management units. It represents a great step towards the recognition of this activity as strategic for the country’s sustainable development, besides being a potential mechanism for job and income generation, as highlighted by the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture, even during the process. Now, the text must be sanctioned by the Brazilian President.

The Coalition has contributed to the development of a legislative proposal regarding forest concessions since the discussions on the Bill 5,518/2020, which started three years ago in the House of Representatives. In 2023, this debate was sent to Congress for analysis of Provisional Measure 1,151/2022, whose original wording underwent significant improvements during its course in the Legislative Branch, getting closer to the formulation found in the Bill of 2020. Among the positive aspects of the project now approved are the improvement of existing inspection systems, the increase in legal security for concessionaires and the expansion of economic activities allowed.

Thus, considering the significant progress brought by the text, its endorsement by the Brazilian President is essential. However, according to the Coalition, the veto to Article 4 should be considered, since it deals with an issue unrelated to the framework of the approved legislation.

Once sanctioned, it is essential that the regulatory process of the law occurs with broad consultation and contribution from all sectors interested in the new rules. Such a process will be even more necessary for the regulation of Articles 2, 3 and 5, to prevent the risk of any loss of rights and to ensure socio-environmental safeguards for all the traditional peoples and communities involved in and/or affected by the concessions.

The Coalition will continue its work to provide a qualified contribution at this stage, aiming that the dynamism in forest concessions results in more investments, green jobs, rights, conservation, restoration and socio-environmental benefits.

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is a movement composed of more than 350 organizations, among agribusiness entities, companies, civil society organizations, financial sector, and the academia.

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