Bioeconomy brings on board some of the Coalition’s fundamental principles: its concept covers the promotion of sustainable use of biodiversity, agricultural systems development, protection and restoration of native vegetation, traditional communities’ and family farmers’ socioeconomic inclusion, income generation for rural and forested regions. However, the issue is addressed in the country based on fragmented and sectorized discussions. Therefore, the Bioeconomy Task Force, created in 2020, took on the mission of reconciling different positions on the matter and creating an action plan for the country to become a global power in responsible use of its natural resources.

In 2021, the Coalition released a position paper listing nine initiatives as priorities. One of them is the creation of an inclusive, comprehensive, and simplifying National Bioeconomy Policy that nurtures opportunities and stimulates innovation. Yet another key aspect is data source integration on Brazilian biodiversity, mapping scalable chains and value addition bottlenecks.

Foto: Sandro Kakabadze
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