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Carolle Alarcon Appointed as Executive Manager for the Brazilian Coalition

Environmental manager was responsible for structuring the Advocacy Coordination and leading the network’s approach to government, parliamentarians, and embassies.

Foto: Maressa Andrioli/Ateliê Selva

Environmental manager Carolle Alarcon took over on March as Executive Manager for the Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture. Carolle, who oversaw Advocacy Coordination, took over the position vacated by Laura Lamonica, who left the movement on March 1st.

Carolle holds a degree in Environmental Management from Esalq/USP and a Masters in Tropical Silviculture from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany. With over 14 years of experience, she has contributed to institutions such as the Mamirauá Institute for Sustainable Development, Idesam, Unesco and IUCN South America. Her expertise spans protected areas, conservation, policy monitoring and climate change agendas, with professional engagement in the Pan-Amazon and Nepal regions.

In October 2022, she became the Coalition’s Institutional Relations Coordinator, taking on the management of our network’s task forces. Moving to Brasilia in August 2023, she assumed the role of Advocacy Coordinator, leading the movement’s approach to different stakeholders in the federal government, National Congress, and embassies. Her pivotal role facilitated the revival and expansion of the Coalition’s dialogue across multiple platforms, while actively seeking new interlocutors.

Carolle has received strong support from the Executive Coordination, previously led by Laura Lamonica, and the Advocacy Committee, led by Paulo Dallari, director of Government Relations at Natura&Co, along with consultants engaged by the Coalition. In her new position, she will continue to monitor the advocacy efforts, while continuing to structure other pillars of the movement.

“We find ourselves at a pivotal stage in the Coalition’s journey. Despite global and local hurdles, our commitment to strengthening our global presence, expanding communication, and welcoming new members and sectors to our mission remains unwavering. I look forward to leading these initiatives with our entire network”, she affirms.

Alongside ongoing advocacy development, the Coalition has engaged in several initiatives in 2024. On the international agenda, the Coalition strives to ensure its presence in relevant political arenas and multilateral forums. In communications, the focus is on increasing visibility through press coverage and social media platforms. In terms of governance, efforts will be made to strengthen its multi-sectoral nature by attracting new members and sectors to its 12 active Task Forces. Institutionally, a financial sustainability plan will be implemented, as well as a series of measures to promote the maturity of the Coalition Support Institute (IAC, in Portuguese acronym), the non-profit organization that provides legal, financial, administrative, and logistical support to the movement.

The Coalition will soon be hiring a new Advocacy Coordinator and an Institutional Relations Analyst to act as a liaison between the Task Forces and the network’s advocacy efforts.

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