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Brazilian Coalition’s Note in Defense of Democracy and the Electoral Process

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture has positioned itself, on several occasions, in favor of an agenda that leverages sustainable development, low carbon economy, the fight against deforestation and climate change, among many other issues of an increasingly broad and transversal agenda. However, this time, our movement is publicly coming out in support of a motto under which none of the others are possible: the defense of democracy.

Over the last 37 years, Brazil has dedicated its efforts to build a citizen regime, with solid institutions grounded on respect for the law and the balance between rights and duties. On its cornerstone stands clean elections, where the will of the people is manifested. It is upon these foundations that are paved the way to a better and more mature country, highly regarded in the international community, able to play a leading role in the debate and implementation of urgent agendas that are increasingly mobilized worldwide, such as those of sustainability and climate change.

The future we want relies on dialogue between divergent parties and respect for the outcome of the elections. This should be a common ground between all actors who are willing to represent Brazilian society at the head of a Democratic State of Law.

The Brazilian Coalition recently released its proposals for candidates running for the 2022 elections. Our contributions revolve around three axes: fighting deforestation and natural resource lost; food production and fighting hunger; and job and income generation. We emphasize that the electoral process is unquestionable and indispensable for all discussions that aim at the country’s welfare.

Without democracy there is no development nor sustainability. Without sustainability there is no future.

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is a movement formed by more than 300 representatives from companies, agribusiness, the financial sector, civil society, and the academia. To learn more about our proposals, please visit coalizaobr.com.br/en/

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