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Bill of Law in Senate may promote large-scale restoration and reforestation in Brazil

Photo: Verena Project/Aurelio Padovesi/WRI Brazil

An excellent opportunity to promote large-scale restoration in Brazil has reached the attention of the Federal Senate’s Economic Affairs Commission (CAE, in Portuguese acronym). The Bill 5.634/2019 aims to simplify native vegetation restoration activities. The draft bill explains that no authorization from any agency is required when planting native species for the recovery or restoration of ecologically sensitive areas on rural property and allows seeds to be collected in conservation units if under the conditions set forth in the stewardship plan.

Bill 5.634/2019, therefore, is very well received as it seeks to improve the regulatory context so that the country can meet its forest restoration target of 12 million hectares by 2030, as stated in the Brazilian NDC. The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture has held a dialogue among its members, representing several sectors, and believes that the project could be improved to fully comply with its purposes.  From this dialogue arose proposals for amendments to the project’s original text, which seek to:

The native vegetation recovery activities can generate over 2.5 million jobs in Brazil, if we consider the efforts to fulfill the voluntary climate target presented by the country in the Paris Agreement, which foresees the restoration of 12 million hectares. It is time to create instruments so that degraded areas, today a symbol of inefficient land use, become sources of employment and drivers of the green economy in Brazil.

The Brazilian Coalition on Climate, Forests and Agriculture is a movement composed of more than 350 organizations, among agribusiness entities, companies, civil society organizations, financial sector and the academia.

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